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On 10% Reservation for EWS

On 10% Reservation for EWS


The Parliament ended the session of this Loksabha with both houses passing the Constitution(124th Amendment)Bill 2019 that enables 10% reservation in Education and Employment for economically weaker sections. The Bill enables any person,  with an income limit of Rs.8 lakhs per annum or holder of 5 acres of land etc., to avail benefit from this reservation. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitly, as usual, has boasted that this criteria for reservation is not based on ‘caste’ but on ‘economic’ basis.
But, in fact, Brahmins, Thakurs, Rajputs, Vaishyas of business community  would only derive benefit from this 10% reservation. This being so, how could this reservation be deemed to be on ‘non caste’ lines ?
Let us come to basics. While an income holder of Rs. 8 lakhs per annum ( monthly it is Rs.66,666 or so) holding a gazetted post in Govt. service, in the rank of Distrct Revenue Officer ( next to Collector in rank), his/her children would reap benefits of this reservation; whereas the  same rank officer from a scheduled caste would come above poverty line and make himself uneligible for reservation ! Will this inequality be a proper legal proposition that got the nod of the Parliament ?
Let us go further.The defined poverty line in rural areas is daily earning of Rs.32 and in urban areas it is Rs.45 per day. Annually, this would come to Rs.11680 in rural areas and Rs.16425 in urban areas.This is the defined poverty limit in India. Even if this poverty limit is taken into account on income basis,for argument sake,at least this could have some logic. But the poverty limit for upper castes is fixed at Rs.66,666 per month and for lower castes it is fixed at Rs.16,425 per annum or Rs. 1368 per month in urban areas and Rs. 973 in rural India. Then how ‘all are equal before law’ principle will be applied by Modiji’s govt. ? Is it the beginning of  ‘inequality regime’ in legal form ? The Main Opposition party, Congress has not opposed this bill.The Congress’s only objection is its timing.Hence both the national parties are violating Constituational provisions and are culprits.
The parties alligning with these two are equally ‘traitors for the people, in as much as they are party to the causing of insult to the Constituation. All these parties have joined together only on this single issue for their ‘opportunist/vote bank politics’.
From time immemorial, there has been oppression on castist basis in India. To mitigate this injustice and to create a social balance the provisions of Reservation in Education and Employment was made in Independent India.That too, was a consequential development due to the Indian Govt. law made in 1935. As a result of the list prepared by Simon Commission report, minorities were classified  as seventh category.They were not Hindus as per the act.The Constitution of India also does not speak about Religion while defining Reservation. But in 1950 January, at the time of declaring  Indian Republic, Govt. order was published.The Upper Class who was holding the reins at that time, insisted that those who need reservation must be followers of Hindu customs, and  declared 20% of the oppressed people as Hindus overnight.
Physical labour of any type is reserved for these Pancamars and Shudras. They could not earn more than Rs. 32 per day, despite toiling for the entire day. Poverty presisted in their homes inspite of hard labour. But for those elite class–thanks to the all pervading God’s gesture in asking them not to exert in any way, could enjoy the fruits of labour. The Pancamars and Shudras, however, are bound to believe the famous saying ‘the work is goddess’. Hence poverty embraces very tightly.
One poverty arising out of hard labour and another poverty caused on account of laziness just sitting to avail fruits of labour—how could both the ‘poverties’ could be placed on the same scale (foot) by a Marxist ? Will it be Marxism in any way ?
Those toiling with hard physical labour for just Rs.32 per day, on the other hand  people with an income of Rs. 2,222 per day, feeling ashamed to do any physical labour, this new amendment for reservation will not bring credit to Marxism but surely uphold the Manuvadi ideals in an ungraceful manner !
Let  anyone support the Reservation amendment bill of Modi govt for helping Upper Caste people(10%) with a sumputous and hefty daily income of Rs.2,222. But how is it that Left parties calling themselves as ‘Communists’ could just imagine or afford to come forward with ‘YES’ in Parliment for smooth passage of the bill? They however read out lengthy statements of no substance at all. We had adequate experiance with these so called ‘Communists’ from a closer angle since a long time.
–A person doing physical manual work for 12 hrs at a stretch  could earn Rs.32 only.Whereas the persons who have the blessings of Almighty for exemption from any physical exersion could fetch Rs.2,222 daily. How can both be placed on an equal
plateform ?”
–The great Karl Marx  exhorted ‘workers of all countries unite’.
To whom that was intended ? No confusion at all.Workers toiling for hours together with mental and physical strain, and still have inadequate wages and are also subjected to ‘exploitation’, are the ‘class’ invited.
Where  the Communists should stand and for whom?
—Even a small child knows that the Modi govt has brought this 10% reservation with an eye on the coming Elections, reversing his earlier promise of providing 2 crore jobs per year. Now the Modi govt. comes up with a new promise to reserve 10% for EWS people, just to cheat 10 crore youths in the country in the coming elections. Had the Communists voted against the bill, how many seats they would have lost ?
—By supporting Modi govt in the passage of this bill, how many seats Communists would expect  into their kitty? Do the Communists believe that Modi would help them and come to their rescue ?
—Without vociferously reacting to the ruling class conspiracies, hatched to further dismantle the social justice, how can the poor and downtrodden masses believe in and have faith in Communists ? The Bourgeois Political parties are engrossed only in Electoral Politics.It is a wellknown fact. They can talk anything/do anything. But the million dollar question is : “How the Left parties can afford to come so low and talk and do like this, shedding their idealogies for narrow political gains devoid of any merits ?”
Such questions are being posed by the common man from the oppressed community.
(Chairman RMPI)

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