sangrami lehar


  • 23/05/2018
  • 03:39 PM

Sterlite company is a unit of Vedanta Corporation owned by a Non Resident Indian Anil Aggarwal. this company is producing COPPER at TUTICORIN a southern most city of Tamilnadu. This factory does not care about the health of the local population and causing mass level pollution and making patient at least one person in a family. This condition was quite disturbing the local population for a long time resulting in so many sporadic and spontaneous struggles to shut down the unit. But the Governments and the Corporation did not care about the people concern. At one stage the Vedanta decided to expand its unit at Tuticorin against the sentiments of the local people So the people were forced to go on struggles HUNDRED DAYS before. There was no response. Thus, on the 100th day of continuous struggle they decided to picket the District Collector Office as a mark of their damaged sentiment. More than 50000 people from all over the district gathered in Tuticorin and moved to the Collectorate which is located some 5 kms away from the starting point. All went smoothly. After reaching the Collectorate trouble started as the police tried to disperse the peaceful demonstraters. All of a sudden the police opened fire upon the mass which includes number of women and children. So far, the count of deceased is 12 and injured is more than 100. It is clear that those who were killed were the leaders from the local people and they were all along played a vital role in keeping the struggle live. It will be very easy if they are finished once for all. So, the people strongly believe that it was a planned attempt to kill those leaders. One 15-year student girl who was an active participant of the struggle is also one among the killed. This is definitely a killing by a Government for sheer benefit of a multinational. But the Governments and the Vedanta could not come out. The people of Tamilnadu started agitating throughout the State. The traders in Tuticorin district have downed their shutters on the second day. The entire Tamil people standing as one against the Governments and Vedanta! The REVOLUTIONARY MARXIST PARTY OF INDIA strongly condemn the State Government which is already running a minority one and want it should go from the power. Stressing this demand, the District units of the RMPI will hold demonstrations in all States.


Revolutionary Marxist Party of India