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Standing Committee has taken a very serious note of increased attacks by the RSS sponsored gangs

  • 08/05/2018
  • 04:52 PM

Kozhikode  - The standing Committee of Revolutionary Marxist Party of India (RMPI) in a meeting held at Kozhikode (Kerala), under the chairmanship of Com K Gangadharan has taken a very serious note of increased attacks by the RSS sponsored gangs on the fundamental rights of minorities, dalits, women and adivases at several places in the country.

Releasing the decisions of the meeting to the press, Com Mangat Ram Pasla, General Secretary of RMPI has stated that on the oneside rapid implementation of anti-people neo-liberal policies by both the central as well as State Governments have played havoc with the living conditions of the toiling masses in the country. There are no jobs for the youth. Agriculture crisis is deepening day by day. The Modi –Manmohan singh model of pro-corporate development, instead of creating new jobs is steadily snatching away the meagre employment opportunities from the hands of almost all sections from the lower strata of our society such as agri-labourers, unorganised workers, peasants, employees, shop-keepers and even from those who are running small scale businesses. On the other hand various tactics being adopted by the RSS outfits are heightening communal polarisation and disruptive tendencies in the country which are patently responsible for the growing atrocities on the minorities. Com Pasla said that the most shamefull aspect of these nefarious designs of sangh –parivar is the rape and brutal murder of an eight year muslim girl in Kathua (near Jammu) to force the minority community of ‘Bakarwals’ to migrate from that area. Similiarly attacks on Dalits and  women  have been  increased under the impact of manuvadi social setup being revived by the RSS. The state repression on the adivases two, has increased so as to snatch their anchestral lands containing valuable mineral wealth for the capitalist exploitation by the multi national companies. This whole scenario is posing grave dangers not only for the very life of the vast poor mejority in India but also for the unity and integrity of the country.

Com Pasla announced that in view of such a grave situation the RMPI has resolved to intensify its allround activities so as to defeat the BJP in the coming elections in 2019. To achieve this end, the party will leave no stone unturned to unify all those secular and democratic forces which are opposed to and are fighting against imperialist dictated neo-liberal agenda. Thus the party will put in its best efforts to intensify unified struggles of the workers, peasants, youth, women, Dalits, and other toiling sections to develop a strong country wide movement to defeat both the BJP as well as all proponents of anti people policies, at the husting. Com Pasla stated that the two- day meeting has chalked out detailed programmes of actions for the expansion and development of RMPI, so as to make an effective intervention in the developing mass struggles all over the country. Com. Rajinder Paranjpe from Maharashtra, Com KS Hariharan from Kerala, Com. Harkanwal singh from Punjab also participated in this meeting of the standing committee of the RMPI.