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Press Conference : Strongly comdemned the brutal attacks of CPI(M) hooligans on the RMPI workers in Kerala

  • 23/02/2018
  • 07:02 PM

Jalandhar - Top leadership of the RMPI, in a joint press conference held here today strongly comdemned the brutal attacks of CPI(M) hooligans on the RMPI workers in Kerala. They alleged that these goons abetted by the state government are inflicting all types of atrocities on our comrades. Their homes and adjoining shops of our sympathisers are being ransacked and looted, their bikes and other vehicles have been burnt, they are being implicated in false and fabricated cases, our party office at Onchiyam in Calicut district have been attacked with the intention of murdering Com.N.Venu, State Secretary RMPI, and memorials of Com. T.P. Chandershekheran, who fell martyr to the barbaric attack of C.P.I(M) sponsored assasins, have been vandalised.

Com. Pasla further stated that these cowards of CPI(M) are also misbehaving with women belonging to the families of RMPI cadres. Especially, they are targetting Com. K.K. Rema, wife of Shaheed Chandershekheran, who is a C.C member of RMPI with vulgar comments on social media. Com. Pasla stated that the Central Committee of RMPI has taken a very serious note of these criminal activities of these goons. He further stated that we have appealed to the high-ups in CPI (M) to control such unhealthy and rowdy elements but all our efforts have gone in vain. Consequently, at present, nearly a dozen of our Comrades, with serious injuries are under treatment in the Vaddakara and other hospitals whereas 14 comrades stands incarcinated under false and fabricated cases. Under these circumstances, on 21st February we have staged a protest Dharna in front of the Central office of CPI (M) at New Delhi.

   The C.C. has also decided that the coming International Women’s Day on March 8 will be observed as a Solidarity day with these victims of CPI (M) sponsored hooliganism in Kerala. Through another resolustion the C.C. has decided to organise massive demonstrations at all the district headquarters from March 23 to 31, against the communal fascist attacks of Sangh Parivar and imperialist dictated neo-libral, pro-corporate agenda of Modi government which are root cause of all sorts of problems of the people in our country.

Issued for the Press Conference jointly addressed by Com. Mangat Ram Pasla, General Secretary, Com. Harkanwal Singh, State Secretary, Com. Raghbir Singh, Com. Gurnam Singh Daud, Com. Kulwant Singh Sandhu and Com. Mahipal, C.C members of the Revolutionary Marxist Party of India.