sangrami lehar


  • 19/02/2018
  • 03:47 PM

Revolutionary Marxist Party of India will protest in-front of the Central Committee Office of CPI-M (AKG Bhawan, New Delhi) on 21st February, Wednesday against the brutal and barbaric attacks the CPI-M is unleashing at Onchiyam and Orkkatteri (Calicut, Kerala) on the supporters of RMPI. The life of RMPI workers has made difficult by the ruling CPI-M through planned attacks unleashed by its goons and making the police mute spectators often forcing them to misuse their powers to threaten and intimidate the victims through false cases. The latest being carried out on broad day-light on 11th February assaulting RMPI comrades causing them lifethreatening injuries, attacking the houses, party office and T.P Chandrasekharan Memorials, burning their vehicles and shops making it difficult to live or work.

The women comrades of RMPI at Vadakara, Orkkatteri and Onchiyam area are the most affected with this everyday violence by CPI-M. The elevated risk in going out has put at stake their work and education. Those pregnant among them has no other options that relocating together with the family to other safer places. This has been going on since 2016 when CPI-M led LDF came into power in the state. We demand the CPI-M national level leadership to intervene in this matter and take stringent action against the perpetrators of violence sitting inside their own party.