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True story behind the whole episode has to come out to reveal to the world what BJP is up to, says SKM

True story behind the whole episode has to come out to reveal to the world what BJP is up to, says SKM

Singhu Border, 20 October (Sangrami Lehar Bureao)- In the Supreme Court today, there was a Hearing on the Lakhimpur Kheri Farmers’ Massacre. The Court has already paid attention to the UP Government’s investigation into the matter before it took a vacation break, and has made adverse remarks about both UP Government and Union Government agencies and their ability to conduct impartial investigation. Today, the Bench led by Chief Justice Shri N V Ramana said that it did not receive the report on the status of investigation in time, and that it never asked for such a report to be submitted in a sealed cover, which in itself is a welcome departure from earlier such instances. The Bench also remarked that this (investigation) cannot be an unending story. The Court asked UP government to dispel the feeling that it is dragging its feet. It asked pointed questions with regard to protection of witnesses. Asking why statements of all listed witnesses have not yet been recorded, the Court asked why the most vulnerable witnesses who can be browbeaten have not been recognised and statements recorded. UP Government had to commit to protection of witnesses today. The next hearing has been posted on Wednesday (a week from now). In this context, SKM raises once again the issue about (lack of) recording the statements of eye witnesses, and the intimidation that they would be under, which is reflected in the UP Government’s status report also. A fair investigation in this matter and securing justice are not possible with Ajay Mishra Teni as a Union Minister. SKM once again demands speedy justice and says that it is possible only if Ajay Mishra Teni is sacked and arrested.

As more news emerges about a group of Nihang Sikhs having met Union Agriculture Ministers in the presence of other people with dubious antecedents, and even the offer of money for leaving the morcha sites, SKM reiterates its demand for a comprehensive investigation into the conspiracy related to Singhu Border brutal murder on October 15th. While the attempt to tarnish the image of the farmers’ movement has not succeeded, the true story behind the whole episode has to come out to reveal to the world what BJP is up to, says SKM. SKM once again appeals to all constituents to stay focused on the peaceful struggle of farmers to secure their main demands.

Heavy rains in several parts destroyed the season-long effort and toil put in by lakhs of farmers in different states on this crop season. Thousands of hectares of paddy and other crops lie totally destroyed in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana and other places. Farmers of the entire Terai region have received a massive setback, amongst others. SKM demands that the governments take up a comprehensive assessment of the damage being faced by farmers and pay them compensation immediately, covering all farmers.

A video that has emerged of passengers of a stranded train in Patiala Railway Station, singing and dancing, and extending their support to the farmers’ agitation, breaks the myth that farmers are losing support. This was during the recent 6-hour Rail Roko call given by SKM. A narrative has been sought to be projected of great public inconvenience whereas public is actually standing in solidarity with our anna daatas and seeking justice on their behalf.

Meanwhile, reports are emerging of hundreds of cases having been slapped on protestors in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, for the Rail Roko agitation. SKM demands that these cases be withdrawn unconditionally immediately.

The Lokneeti Satyagraha Kisan Jan Jagran Padayatra that had left Champaran on Gandhi Jayanti had reached Varanasi City today, after 18 days of foot march. Throughout these 18 days, the Padayatra was able to mobilise very good support all along the route and received a huge warm response and hospitality. The yatra covered around 330 kms by foot and successfully reached out to young and old, men and women, urban and rural citizens all along the way. Today, the Padayatra concluded in PM Narendra Modi’s constituency by all participants in the program taking an oath to continue their struggle for farmers, until all the rightful demands of the farmers’ movement are fully met by the Government. The padayatris are also strongly seeking the dismissal and arrest of Ajay Mishra Teni for justice in Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre to be secured.

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To take forward the struggle for justice in Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre, many Shaheed Kisan Asthi Kalash Yatras are underway right now, in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh and neighboring villages, in Punjab, in Madhya Pradesh etc. These yatras are strengthening the resolve of thousands of participants joining to pay homage, to carry forward the struggle peacefully and strongly as before.

BJP leaders in Haryana continue to face local black flag protests against their programs and events yesterday too. In Jind district, MP Arvind Sharma faced a protest in Julana town. Elsewhere, farmers started gathering against Minister Kamlesh Tanda from the morning itself in Kaithal district.

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