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Martyrdom of Shaheed Udham Singh marked today

Martyrdom of Shaheed Udham Singh marked today

Singhu Border, 31 July (Sangrami Lehar Bureao)- Samyukt Kisan Morcha strongly condemns the attempts by sections of the media (termed popularly as “Godi Media”), to defame the farmers movement in newer ways. The attempts by a television channel to portray protesting farmers as “ayyashjeevi” did not have any footage that proved what it set out to do, other than fabrication of lies. Samyukt Kisan Morcha understands these desperate attempts by corporate media and BJP government very well, and the movement will only get stronger and not weaker by these attacks. Anti-farmer forces aligned with BJP-RSS and BJP-RSS themselves have attempted foisting numerous labels on the protesting farmers so far. They were called terrorists, separatists, protestors sponsored by opposition political parties, anti-social elements, anti-national and so on and so forth. “The truth of lakhs of hard-working, peaceful and persistent farmers protesting for their basic rights cannot be wished away by these despicable efforts. This Andolan will win the struggle, based on the satya of farmers”, asserted SKM today. “It is only the fear and weakness of the anti-farmer forces that is being showcased here in these condemnable maligning campaigns”, said SKM.

SKM also took strong exception to the social media cartoons flashed by BJP’s Uttar Pradesh unit a couple of days ago. The strong anti-farmer sentiment which forms the very core of the Bharatiya Janata Party got exposed once again in the form of the social media cartoon post, said SKM. The “de-skinning” threat given by a ruling party other than farmers being dragged by their hair, that too in the name of the Chief Minister, to citizens who are peacefully protesting is shocking and highly objectionable. SKM condemns this strongly, and notes that the Chief Minister has remained silent through this episode. Such immoral and violent threats are a sign of the powerlessness of the BJP in the face of a strong people’s movement. It is obvious that the party does not understand democracy at all.

The martyrdom day of Shaheed Udham Singh was marked today as ‘anti-imperialism day’, with respect. In several morchas, revolutionary songs provided inspiration to the protestors, and speakers highlighted the life struggle and sacrifice of Shaheed Udham Singh in India’s independence struggle, and the struggle against imperialism and human plunder.

SKM notes that the Delhi Assembly has passed a resolution seeking the repeal of the 3 central farm laws. The resolution criticised the Union Government for not agreeing to the farmers’ demand so far despite so many months of peaceful protests, and asked the Prime Minister to re-initiate talks with the protesting unions. SKM also notes that a delegation of leaders from various political parties has met with the President Shri Ram Nath Kovind, seeking his intervention to form a joint parliamentary panel to look into the matter of hundreds of deaths during the farmers’ struggle. These parties are contesting the Government of India’s claim that it has no record of any farmer deaths in the ongoing movement, and are demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the deaths. The parties also reportedly appealed to the President to ask the Centre to allow discussion on the farm laws in the Parliament.

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