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Save Agriculture-Save Democracy

Save Agriculture-Save Democracy

Singhu Border, 12 June (Sangrami Lehar Bureao)- On the 14th of June, the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev will be marked at all the morchas and on 24th of June, Kabir Jayanti. On the 26th of June, to mark 7 months of the current agitation, and also to caution against an Undeclared Emergency in the country today on the 46th anniversary of the Emergency that was imposed by an authoritarian regime in the country earlier, special events will be organised all over the country. “Save Agriculture, Save Democracy” will be the main message of the day, and sit-ins will be organised at Raj Bhavans in all states and memoranda will be submitted. Detailed action plan for Mission UP and Uttarakhand will also be taken up soon within SKM.

Haryana farmer unions will continue with ongoing gaon bandi on BJP and JJP leaders, where residents are appealed to, to desist from inviting these leaders to social functions and events and disallow them from entering into villages of the state. Further, as announced, these leaders will continue to be met with black flag protests in their official and political meetings wherever they happen.

There have been various efforts at defaming the farmers’ movement so far. The BJP governments and their leaders take a lead in this effort. Several media houses associated with and supportive of the party – whose sole aim appears to be putting out communication in support of BJP, allies and the government – have not been far behind in this effort. A legal notice has been reportedly received by a national media house from a complainant who in her own tweeted messages has complained about verbal harassment during her volunteering stint at Tikri Border; however, the media stories intentionally portrayed her experience as a complaint of physical molestation and rape.

SKM reiterates that it respects the rights of women protestors, wants their safety protected in all ways, and welcomes their active participation in the current movement. SKM has already stated that it will maintain zero tolerance to any violation of safety. Committees have been formed at all protest sites to look into redressal of any related complaints and to prevent any occurrence of harassment or any other violation. In the current case, a formal complaint has been given to a 5-member all-women committee at Tikri Border. 9818119954 is the phone number where related issues can be raised.

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SKM will extend legal support to ‘Tractor to Twitter’ (@Tractor2twitr) in their fight against a media house trying to muzzle their freedom of expression in a suit that is seeking a permanent injunction against Tractor 2 Twitter and its founders, amongst other prayers including damages worth more than two crore rupees. The tweet messages put out by this handle which has been working to support the ongoing farmers’ movement have been alleged to be defamatory by a national media house, which filed a case on 31st May 2021 in the High Court of Delhi. Right from the beginning of the movement, it has been the effort of the BJP government to muzzle the freedom of expression of protestors. Internet blackouts have been executed at the protest sites. Twitter handles of many supporters have been suspended too. Media houses that stand in support of the government are also attempting the same, even though it is expected that media, supposedly a pillar of our democracy, will uphold such freedoms. SKM has decided to support the legal fight of the defendants in this case.

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