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MCPI(U) and RMPI decide to work unitedly for the defeat of Neo-liberal and communal policies of ruling class and for the unification of Left and Democratic forces

MCPI(U) and RMPI decide to work unitedly for the defeat of Neo-liberal and communal policies of ruling class and for the unification of Left and Democratic forces

The Unification Committee of two Left Parties, namely Marxist Communist Party of India (United) and Revolutionary Marxist Party of India, has decided to earnestly mobilise the masses against the anti people neo liberal policies and communal facist ideology and polity of RSS and its cohorts  and for the unification of left forces.
A joint meeting of the Central Committees of these two parties, held under the presidium comprising Coms. K. Gangadharan, Mangat Ram Pasla, Kiranjeet Singh Sekhon and T.S. Narayanan, unanimously decided to jointly intervene in the coming Lok Sabha elections with the twin motives (1) Defeating anti people neo liberal policies of ruling parties like BJP, Congress and their allies, fight against communal authoritarian agenda of RSS Sanghaparivar forces and other communal forces. (2) Unify and strengthen the left democratic forces, which are steadfastly fighting against the imperialists dictated neo-liberal economic policies. Analysing the overall political scenario in the country, this joint meeting of the two central committees of Left Parties, held for the first time in the history, noted with grave concern that on the one hand the communal mobocracy unleashed by the RSS inspired hoodlums have posed serious dangers for the living condition of working class, peasants, petty producers and for the democracy, socio-cultural fabric of the country as well as its unity and integrity. Due to poisonous propaganda of these anti-social elements, atrocities on minorities, especially muslims and christians, dalits, women and tribals have increased manifolds. Where as, on the other hand, the several pro-corporate policy decisions of the Modi government have further intensified the economic crisis in the country; there by aggravating the miseries of the workers, peasants, unemployed and under-employed youth, women, employees and other sections of the working people. Such an awful situation needs crushing defeat of the communalists and of the votaries of the pro-corporate neo-liberal policies. That is why, an urgent unification of all the Left and progressive forces has emerged as an historic necessity of the hour.
Releasing the decisions of the joint meeting to the press, Com. Md. Ghouse and Com. Mangat Ram Pasla, Gen. Secretaries of MCPI(U) and RMPI respectively, have stated that in such a serious situation, in addition to fielding their common candidates in the Lok Sabha Elections, the Unification Committee (UC) will leave no stone unturned to unify all the workers and peasants and intensify their struggles which is the only effective alternative to the neo liberal and communal forces. The unification committee will also try to unify all the non-BJP,non-Congress and non-Communal democratic forces, political parties, mass movements and progressive elements for these elections so that a pro-people politico-economic alternative is developed in the country and presented before the masses. The UC appealed to all the left forces to rise to the occassion and come forward for the fulfillment of this urgent immediate task. Both the leaders also noted that the successful 4th Congress of the MCPI(U), held recently in Ernakulam, is destined to prove a solid step in this direction. They further announced that the UC has also decided to unitedly observe International Women’s Day on March 8, Martyrdom day of Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on March 23, Jalianwala massacre centenary on April 13 and Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s Birthday on April 14, and by holding public meetings, rallies and seminars at several places all over the country.

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