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Document : Revolutionary Marxist Party of India Political-Organisational Report (Adopted in the C.C. meeting held at Jalandhar from 8 to 10 December 2018)

Document : Revolutionary Marxist Party of India Political-Organisational Report (Adopted in the C.C. meeting held at Jalandhar from 8 to 10 December 2018)

Decisions of the Central Committee Meeting  
A meeting of the C.C. of  RMPI was held at Jalandhar from 8th to 10th instant, under the chairmanship of Com. K.Gangadharan. The other members who participated in this meeting were General Secretary Comrade Mangat Ram Pasla, and members comrades Rajinder Pranjpe, K.S. Hariharan, Harkanwal Singh, C. Chellasami, A. Amavasai, M. Rajagopal, B. Krishnan, T.L. Santosh, P.Kumarankutti, Gurnam Singh Daud, Raghbir Singh, Kulwant Singh Sandhu, Inderjit Singh Grewal, Tejinder Singh Thind, Mandeep Ratia, Sanjay Raut, Bali Ram Chaudhury, Ramesh Thakur and Sajjan Singh.
The meeting discussed a draft report on the current Political-Orgnisational situation and adopted it with certain additions.
The meeting also discussed the pervailing socio-political situation in the States i.e. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Haryana, Chandigarh and Punjab etc. and framed the guidelines for our intervention in respective areas. It also deeply discussed our approach regarding the ongoing unity talks with MCPI (U).
The meeting framed the following programme of action for the mobilisation of masses, in the near future.
For the realisation of pressing demands of various sections of the toiling masses, a Mass Mobilisation week will be observed from January 30 to February 6, 2019, and massive Dharnas/Demonstrations will be organised at district level.
A state level seminar Will also be organised during this period on the topic : In defence of Democracy and secularism.
In the first half of March 2019, a National Level Convention will be organised at Delhi on the topic : Increasing atrocities on Dalits. 


International Situation
1.     Since the last C.C. Meeeting, held at New Delhi on August 17, 2018, the global trade war initiated by American President, Mr. Donald Trump had been escalating so far. Only in recently concluded G-20 meeting held in Argentina, some possibilities of checking its further escalation have come to fore. A 90 days cease-fire between China and USA has been announced. However the tariffs already increased will remain to be operative in the meantime. This new form of cold war has adversely impacted the global trade order which was being developed under multilateral trade-ties.
2.     This trade war, in fact, is the outcome of the hegemonic stance of the imperialists. The “America first” policy adopted by Trump to overcome its own crisis, lingering on since 2008, is nothing but an haughty and chauvenistic move to safeguard the job potentials in America, at the cost of economic growth, employment avenues and living conditions of the working people in all other developing and developed countries. It started with the unilateral imposition of higher duties by America on steel and aluminum goods imported from E.U, China and other countries including India. It has already disrupted the growth trajectory of all the affected countries. In addition to this, U.S. imperialism is continuing to convert the regional conflicts into “limited war zones”, so as to sell its arms, ammunition and other military wares. After destroying Iraq, Libia and Afganistan, now Syria and Yemen are its chosen targets. Unfortunately, the US imperialism, being the biggest economic as well as military force in the world, wants to sustain its predatory growth at all costs, even at the cost of destruction of global ecology. That is why in the meeting of G-20, Donald Trump has plainly refused to abide by the Paris Agreement on climate change; whereas all the other 19 countries have expressed their full committment to this international agreement.
3.    Basically, the trade war as well as other aggressive postures of USA are directed towards the containment of China, which so far is successfully fighting back all the evil designs of imperialist forces and has also become the second biggest economy in the world. That is why America has already imposed higher duties on goods imported from China worth 250 billion dollors. Mr. Trump is also pressurising all other countries to fall in line with his monstrous moves against China. Where as the reciprocal steps, expected from China, are frightening the investors all over the globe. In this context, the ongoing strengthening of cordial relations between North Korea and south Korea, in all spheres, is most encourging and praise worthy development. It is a good rebuff for the war-mongers.
4.    The negative developments in the field of international trade have badly impacted the economies of all developing countries and EU countries. It has generated consequential wave of resentment amongest the working class of those countries. The workers, everywhere, are coming to streets to protest against the attacks on their living conditions. But in the absence of any strong Left alternative, capable of uniting and steamlining all such struggles into a decisive anti-imperialist force, generally this ongoing resentment is being utilised by right reactionary forces, especially by racial forces who are deadly opposed to the entry of migrants; especially refugees from the war-torn Middle East. The recent success of an ultra-right candidate as the president of Brazil is a pointer to this negative development in the world. However, where there emerges a reliable left ward political alternative, the toiling people do extend their all out support to that also, as has been seen in Mexico.  
5.     As regards India, the current decline in its exports, its ever increasing current account deficit (CAD) and the rolling down of the value of rupee etc. are also attributable to such arbitrary trade restrictions imposed by USA, and impositions of sanctions by it on Iran. Therefore all such aggressive and chauvenistic postures of Trump administration need to be condemned and opposed vehemently.
6.    Situation in Sri Lanka : Emergence of a grave political crisis in this neighbouring country is another notable development of this period. In fact there is no legitimate government there at present. The President is recogrising Mehnda Rajpakshe as the Prime Minister, where as the deposed Ranil Vickramsinghe is claiming himself to be the P.M. on the basis of his majority in the dissolved parliament. This confused illegibility is an indication of inherent instability of the bourgeoise democracy, it being based on corrupt, unjust and exploitative capitalist system.
7.     Relations with Pakistan : Despite the fact that both India and Pak. have decided to build a 4 KM corridor to Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan for the Sikh pilgrims, yet our relations with this politically important neighbour are still strained. However the people to people relations and the developing of cross border trading facilities are the most important factors for the development of cordial relations and for ending the ongoing enemity between the two countries. In fact in this era of aggressive postures of imperialists, only the cordial relations and mutually beneficial bilateral trade between all the neighbouring countries are the prime needs for overcoming the economic hardships and to maintain peace.
National Situation
8.    All the political parties in India, at present, are feverishly making preparations for the 2019 parliamentary elections. Leaders of the main bourgeoise parties—BJP and Congress, are working on various permutations and combinations (mostly counting on the caste and religious considerations) to secure an upper hand in this election.
9.    The graph of BJP-led NDA is declining fast, because of its dismal performance in all the fields i.e. economy, governance, job creation, controlling price-rise, curbing corruption, poverty alleviation etc.. The Congress-led UPA or some new combination led by it may naturally take benefit from this downslide in the popularity of the ruling party.
10.    It is a hard reality that the NDA, too, pursued the pro-corporate new-liberal policies initiated by Congress led govt., rather more vigorously. Modi government also miserably failed in fulfilling the poll time promises. That is why, some of the major economic issues such as ongoing agricultural crisis, rate of growth of GDP, fiscal deficit of the government, public investment in social sector, growth of employment opportunities, NPAs of public sector Banks, price stability etc. are in very bad shape. During the election campaign, Mr. Modi promised a debt waiver for peasants and also to implement Dr. Swaminathan Commission’s Report. But now his government has curtly refused on both these counts. It is also in the air that this government is planning to make free wi-fi connections available at railway stations spending Rs. 4.5 lakh crores from the state exchequre, but on the other side refuses to waive off the loans of the farmers which are estimated to be about Rs. 12 lakh crores. This anti former approach has led to an India wide co-ordinated movement of the peasantry. Mr. Modi had also promised to creat 2 crore jobs every year, but he has miserably failed in creating new job opportunites, rather his policies have jeopardised even the existing jobs.The stupidity of demonatisation and the reckless implementation of GST have further added fuel to fire.The G.S.T. has further crippled the Federal structure and made the States completely dependent on the Centre. The rampant privatisation of almost all the basic public utility services such as education, health facilities, supply of potable water, transportation, social security etc., as well as the free-play allowed to the merciless forces of the market have played havoc with the already miserable living conditions of the poverty-stricken masses, who are more than 70% of the total population. It is also a fact that the Rafale deal with the French company has fully exposed the nasty and corrupt deeds of this government. This government is also playing havoc with the ecology in the country. The bullet train project and several other such projects, being taken up at the behests of foriegn corporates, may give a big blow to the natural environment at the concerned places.  
11.    In the field of governence, the Modi government has repeatedly displayed that it can go to any extent in distorting the democratic provisions and institutions framed in the Indian constitution for the narrow political interests of the BJP and its allies. Judiciary itself has exposed the undue and unauthorised interference of this government in its functioning. Now the similar story regarding the interference in the functioning of CBI, RBI and E.C.  have come to fore. It is a dangerous symptom of authoritarianism, which breeds constant degeneration in administration and grave atrocities on the peopole.
12.     Alongwith this, Modi government is also steadily dismentaling the secular-   democratic edifice of the Indian constitution. It is hell bent to fulfil the communal-fascist agenda of RSS i.e. forming a theocratic reactionary state in the country. Violent attacks by the RSS inspired hoodlums on the minorities, especially on the Muslims in the BJP ruled states, have become the order of the day. In the face of such crimes, committed under the alibi of cow protection etc., Modi government as well as local administration generally remains mum; and thus encourage the culprits. It has created a new variety of mobocracy in the country. In Gujarat, migrant workers from Bihar and UP too have suffered at the hands this mobocracy recently. The Sangh-Parivar spares no opportunity in fomenting communal hatred and inciting violence against minorities as well as against progressive democratic forces. They are using every trick to revive Manuwadi Social structure in India. This horrendous drive of the RSS have increased attacks on the dalits, women and adivasies also. These reactionary forces are even  affront to the orders of the Supreme Court, if those orders go against their theological or mythological faiths. Their criminal approach in opposing the S.C. decisions on Sabrimala has patently proved their anti-women stance. RSS and its cohorts are now again trumpetting Ram Mandir issue, simply to polarise the masses on communal lines. Moreover the PM himself has tried to browbeat the Judiciary for not pronouncing a decision on Mandir dispute as per the desires of RSS protagonists.This government has also coined a new term of Urban-Naxalism to brand and implicate all those left forces who dare to oppose the anti-people and communal-fascist policies of this government.
13.    It also needs to be noted that alongwith repeatedly raising communal issues directed towards the detraction of peoples’ attention from their economic woes, the Modi government is also making all types of false claims regarding its achievements in ameliorating the living conditions of the poor people, unemployed youth and childern especially daughters. The state owned media as well as private electronic and print media is being used to propagate fabricated facts and statistical lies, day and night, for this purpose. However all such nefarious tactics may fail in misleading the people, as a strong sense of aversion and anguish against the bluffing rhetorics of Mr. Modi is quite visible, not only amongest the Muslims, Dalits and other downtrodden sections but also amongest all the progressive, democratic and secular minded people throughout the country. The results of the assembly elections in five states are expected to certify this hard political reality.
14.    All these dangerous trends comprising adoption and blindly implementing the anti-people neo-liberal policies in the interests of foreign and domestic monopolies, and RSS dictated communal fascist and obscurantist policies of the Modi government, brings to fore the most urgent political task of dislodging this dispensation in the coming 2019 elections at all costs.
15.    It is also quite visible that almost all the opposition parties (mainly Congress Party) are trying to cobble up an all-in-unity against the BJP. But clearing out of their inter-party contradictions may take some more time. The Congress Party, in itself, is the fore-runner of the pro-corporate economic agenda of BJP. It is also, now, adopting a soft Hindutva approach to counter the rabid communal stance of BJP. Several other bourgoise and petty bourgoise parties too have no clear demarcation from the BJP’s main economic policies. However in the race for state power, these parties are opposing the communal-fascist agenda of RSS, and may unite their ranks to topple the BJP led government.
16.       This, over all, situation is very favourable for the advancement of Left forces, especially to develope an organised base amongest the exploited sections of the society. But, unfortunately, a big section of the Left, falling a prey to parliamentry opportunism, has become totally tailist. Its leaders are running hither and thither to allign with Congress and its allies just to secure a seat or some votes. Whereas the need of the hour is unification of the Left to intensify broad-based mass movements. On the other hand, the struggling sections of the Left too are not united, especially on political issues at hand.
Our Approach
17.    In this overall scenario, the Revolutionary Marxist Party of India will intervene in the coming parliamentary elections with a clear-cut two pronged objective :
I.     To defeat the BJP and its allies;
II.    To consolidate and strengthen the Left         forces.
The Party will also ensure that no understanding or alliance is made with the congress-led combination, at any cost. Rather every effort will be made to explore the possibilities for uniting non-BJP and non-Congress political formations as well as mass movements so as to build a formidable force for the achievement of the above motives. Both these bourgeoise parties i.e. Congress and BJP, are all out votaries of capitalism, which in its current stage of imperialism, stands absolutely failed in resolving the basic problems of the human beings, despite the marvellous development in productive forces.
18.    On our own, the Party will identify those areas where the party and the mass organisations led by the party cadres have jointly developed strong mass base. Party condidates will only be put up in such areas. Unnecessary contests may be avoided. As the election process, under this bourgeoise democracy, is becoming more and more expensive and cumbersome affair, therofore the meagre resources of the Party need not be dissipated unnecessarily. That is why, the party will contest only those seats where it has a good mass base and sufficient cadres capable of conveying the ideological political understanding of the party to the masses at large.
19.    It the meantime, the Party will strive to further intensify the mass struggles on all the pro-people issues, such as democratic rights, social oppression, problems of peasantry and workers, atrocities on women, price-rise, administrative corruption and exploitation, erosion of secular values etc.. The party will spare no efforts in uniting with all the Left and Democratic forces during these struggles.
20.    Unity with MCPI (U) : There are some developments on this issue also. A seperate note for discussion on this issue is attached.
21.     Sangrami Lehar (Hindi) : It will be heartening to note that the Party is publishing Hindi Version of  Sangrami Lehar also. 1st issue of this monthly journal is going to be released on 10th of December 2018. It will further help in co-ordinating the activities being undertaken by the party and mass organisations in various states.

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